Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Hope House Augusta is a place where women in addiction recovery can go to find a new lease on life. Now, Hope House has started a new health and fitness program for its residents.

Women who are at Hope House for addiction recovery participate in daily exercise classes and other group health classes.

Hope House Wellness coach, Sankeia Maddox says the program aims to teach the women how to better care for their health once they leave and continue their journey on their own. The program so far has been a success.

“We’ve had mommies coming out with their infants, their babies. We’ve had strollers coming out with the babies. We’ve had women running up the hills. They’re saying it’s been giving them a great start to the day. I mean these women have trauma. They’re dealing with trauma in their groups throughout the day and it’s just a great start instead of getting out of the bed and having to deal with this,” Maddox said.

Maddox says the women are excited about the program. She also says when they feel good physically, they are better able to deal with those traumas they’ve experienced.

“So it does help increase endorphins. And it also helps with stress, relieving stress , anger, anxiety as well. All of that is incorporated with wellness and with exercise. So we’re just trying to get them up, moving, active and it is a new aspect to Hope House. It’s another group where they’re able to get moving and get active,” she said.

Hope House is halfway through the first of three new programs on Health and Wellness. Right now they are focusing on fitness and nutrition.