New use for Lake Olmstead Stadium will wait


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Its future is not as the home of the Green Jackets but August city leaders say it’s not the end of final out for Lake Olmstead stadium.

“We need to hold on to that and use it I don’t think we should let it sit there we need to make some use out of it we need a good amphitheater we need a place to host events,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

And some commissioners want to start hosting those events as soon as possible.

‘I would like to put some competition on some events that are happening in Augusta in the past that are now happening in Columbia County,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

:But Augusta University say baseball should continue to happen at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

“We’ve been playing ball at Lake Olmstead for the last for our five years so it’s definitely a fine facility we’ll see what the city thinks is in the best interest of the city and we’ll do what in the best interest of Augusta University,” said Athletic Director Clint Bryant.

The season may be over for the Jackets at Lake Olmstead stadium but that doesn’t clear the way for a new use just yet because earlier this year the club renewed its $25000 dollar lease with the city.

“The GreenJackets made a move and choose to extend their current lease agreement where it won’t expire until 2018,” said Central Services Director Takiyah Douse.

“No I didn’t really know that but even at that but even at that as soon as that’s over once we take full control back over that property I would like that commission to have some serious conversations on what we could do,” said Commissioner Jefferson.

As the current lease holder what the GreenJackets can do next spring is continue to sublease the stadium to Augusta University for their baseball game.I asked city officials why the GreenJackets would renew the 25 thousand dollar with the new ball park on the way part of the answer was just in case the new stadium wasn’t going to be ready

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