New rural heathcare facility in Edgefield County

EDGEFIELD, S.C. (WJBF)-- The new medical facility is on Edgefield County hospital's campus. The county along with Self Regional Healthcare provided money to make it all happen.

"It allows the rural area better access to healthcare," Dr. Elizabeth Gordineer said.

Having little option for primary healthcare, the people of Edgefield County now have an updated facility to be treated in. Previously located in this building, Peach Tree Medical Center, the primary care division of Edgefield County Hospital, is now housed in this 16,000 square foot building. Peach Tree Medical leases half of the building from Self Regional Healthcare, a group that was also in need of an update.

"We needed room," Dr. Goordineer told NewsChannel 6. "We basically had no room, and there are four providers in our practice. The other group also needed more space a more modernized facility."

She explained before, she was having to turn away patients. The new facility is four times larger, providing a more efficient layout to see people in need.

"We normally see around 40 to 60 patients, but last Friday, we saw 83," Jeffery Fortenberry, the referral clerk for Peach Tree Medical, said.  I think we will be able to get more patients in with less wait time."

Both of the previous buildings were decades old. Workers said the only thing brought over to the new building was computers.

"Exam beds and things like that. It's just that they have been used at the hospital, and the hospital was started in the 60's. We have been using equipment hand-me-downs," Fortenberry explained.

On the Peach Tree Medical side, you will continue to be treated by the same people.: "I think they feel comfortable with our practice, with the people who work here," Fortenberry told us. "I think they trust us or they wouldn't be coming."

Peachtree Medical hopes to eventually bring in specialty doctors so that locals don't have to travel for those appointments, either.

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