New research could make the difference in detecting and treating Alzheimer’s

The Means Report: New Research Could Make The Difference In Detecting And Treating Alzheimer's
The Means Report: New Research Could Make The Difference In Detecting And Treating Alzheimer’s

Augusta, GA — As generations continue to live longer lives it is inevitable that the aging population will experience some kind of memory loss — primarily some form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. John Morgan — Director of the Memory Disorders Program with the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University — explains the research currently being done in diagnosing and, hopefully one day, curing or preventing the disease.

Dr. Morgan admits that memory loss is part of aging, but there are certain red flags. As he explains, losing your keys is one thing, but finding them in the refrigerator can be something else. If you were putting milk away and your keys ended up there, maybe it’s not a big deal, but if you have no idea how or why the keys ended up there, you might want to be tested.

There are steps that can also be taken to help ward off the disease. Some are as simple as educating yourself, keeping your mind active, and not smoking.

Augusta University’s Memory Disorder’s Program is ready and willing to help. They offer comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic work-ups, as well as individual treatment plans, follow-up care, medications to improve the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease, and so much more. You can request an appointment by calling 706-721-4581 or 1-800-736-CARE (2273). And if you are not sure if you should call, you can visit their website to find out more information about red flags.

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