HARLEM, GA. (WJBF)- A new medical facility is set to open Tuesday in Harlem.  The goal is to give those living in that community easier access to health care.

“It’s very vital because every community need quality care whether you’re in a suburban area or a rural area. We’ve been lacking medical care in Harlem, I said 15 years the other day, but I think it’s been more like 25 or 30 years,” Harlem Mayor Roxanne Whitaker said.

The new Piedmont Prompt Care will lessen the commute for people in Harlem who need medical assistance.

“Right now, I think the closest is in Grovetown, so it’s like a 15-minute drive. If you’re in Harlem, or if you’re in Appling it’s even farther– and before Grovetown blew up it was even farther to Evans. So, something this close is really good especially in Harlem in Appling and so it’s really good and beneficial to have it closer,” Mathew Flanagan said.

The facility will provide plenty of services to patients including occupational care and more. 

“There’s also a prompt care area that treats non-emergent patients and they’re anywhere from children to a hundred years old,” Mayor Whitaker said. 

And to add to the benefits this new clinic will provide, employees at nearby companies have gained a new employment benefit. 

“They have a contract now with Amazon and ClubCar and all of their employees. So, that is a good thing, it’s the only one like this in the area,” Mayor Whitaker said. 

Mathew Flanagan has lived in the area all his life and says he remembers how difficult making appointments was. 

“I know when I was in– I think– high school, we had to go all the way to Wheeler Road to go to a dentist. So, I mean, any health services we can get around here is really good.”