New pet sounds for Augusta’s animal shelter


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At Augusta’s Animal Shelter and you’re going to hear some barking, but also some Bach, and Beethoven.

“It’s crazy I know it’s amazing,” said Erica Neet.

Amazing and classical, music that is, because the pups at the pound now are hearing the pacifying sounds of symphonic music

“Trying to make their environment stress free and they’re time here in the shelter less stressful we’re implementing new ideas,” says Augusta Animal Services Director Sharon Broady

“Studies show dogs cats and all kinds of animals respond so well to the soothing relaxing classical type music,” said Erica.

The music isn’t very loud it’s in the background but that’s because dogs ears are way better than humans and though it’s just started Wednesday the pets seem to like what the hear.

“We are seeing a difference already,” said Broady.

Donations and volunteers handle the costs.

CDs are used and there’s music especially for dogs and the works of big name composers and even Augusta’s very own Symphony Orchestra kicked in some tunes.

Erica not only volunteers at the shelter she also works for the symphony,

“We put together a CD some of our previous concerts we’ve taken some music from that put it on the CDs  so they’ve been able to start playing that here and we really look forward to contributing more pieces,” said Erica.

I don’t know if they take requests what do you want to hear oh that’s not bad, “who let the dogs out.”

“You don’t have who let the dogs out?”

“Not yet maybe on Saturday afternoon we’ll play that one,” said Director Broady with a laugh.

They maybe mutts but they’re choice in music is pretty classy.

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