SWAINSORO, Ga. (WJBF) – The family of Eurie Lee Martin called for a retrial in Swainsboro in December.

The family and New Order Nation Human Rights Organization met outside the District Attorney’s office on South Main Street December 28th.

A mistrial was declared in the Eurie Martin murder trial in October 2021.

Martin was killed after being repeatedly tased by three former Washington County deputies in 2017.

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“So, I’m out here demonstrating because, if this man lost his life, for walking. And wanted water. I can be in danger of my life, for being out here protesting. So, we’re not asking for favoritism, all we’re asking for is justice.”

Leonard Jordan , New Order National Human Rights Organization

A Washington County Superior Court Judge ruled a mistrial in the proceedings when jurors could not come to a consensus on the case, in October.

So far, District Attorney Fitzner’s Office has yet to call for a re-trial.