BURKE COUNTY, Ga (WJBF)- The Burke County Sheriff’s Office has debuted a new way to communicate with the community. It’s a podcast called “Transparent Table Talk.”

It’s becoming a popular forum for law enforcement. We told you about the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office podcast a few weeks ago. This week, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office just dropped its second podcast.

The goal of the podcast is to discuss current issues, cold cases, and introduce members of the sheriff’s office.

“Transparency is one of the important things. You know we want people to trust us and trust our product. So, things that we talk about that affect people, not only just law enforcement but the Burke County Community. One thing that I am planning on doing- next week, I think, is going to be the anniversary of when Simon Powell went missing. That was a big case here in Burke County,” explained creator, Clare Allen, Public Information Officer for BCSO.

They plan to use the medium to bring more information to the public, like the summer camp the agency has planned. But it’s also important to them to be a little entertaining and bring humanity and humor to an industry known for being very serious.

“People look at law enforcement as statues or as saying, you know, we always have a stone cold face or to be mean or have a serious look,” said Allen. “But sometimes people don’t understand, they’re people outside of the uniform. That, when they take the badge off and go home, they’re still people. And they still have a sense of humor and they still have their lifestyle.”

A new episode of “BCSO Transparent Table Talk” podcast will be dropped every Wednesday.

Photojournalist: Will Baker.