AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – A new Georgia law will limit what can be said about race during classroom discussions.

While some are calling it an anti – critical race theory law, Senator Harold Jones said it doesn’t target CRT.

“This bill doesn’t ever say anything about critical race theory it just talks about these divisive concepts,” Senator Harold Jones said.

The law bans teaching divisive concepts including fundamentally or systematically racist concepts in schools.

“For instance, if a student was to ask were those persons who own slaves inherently racist a teacher could not say yes because according to this bill that would probably be a personal or political belief,” Jones said.

However, the law does not stop teachers from teaching on slavery or racial concepts.

“This doesn’t prevent you from talking about slavery or other racial issues, but you can’t espouse your own personal or political beliefs. So, it’s kind of a balance,” Jones said.

Jones said the controversial law could become a matter for the courts.

“So, I think number one you’re going to see the court system have to get involved and number two depending on how these elections go the legislature will get involved and possibly repeal this law. “

School systems will have until August 1 to to have a complaint process in place for any teacher who violates the law.

“It can go all the way up to the state board of education, but for how that process works the local school board is going to have to create guidelines on how that’s going to take place.”