New film to be shot in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- A new film is set to begin shooting in Augusta in early March, according to Rick Kelly of local production support company Indie Grip. Representatives from the company tell us it is a horror film, but they cannot reveal more because of a non-disclosure agreement, they say.

Several high-profile projects have been filmed in Georgia recently, including Marvel movies and Netflix's Stranger Things. According to Gov. Nathan Deal, film and TV productions generated $9.5 billion in economic impact in the state last year.

While most people think of Atlanta as Georgia's production powerhouse, Augusta is also getting a piece of the pie.

"I think we really had a good year last year., film-making, movie-making," said Terrence Williams, who works for Augusta-based company Indie Grip. When a movie is shot here, they provide crew and equipment.

Williams estimates more than 100 jobs have been created in the area because of the films.

"That's even going to caterers, hotels, house rentals, equipment rentals, like generators and stuff like that," he said. "We rent from local businesses and stuff like that in the local area."

Georgia offers up to a 30 percent tax incentive to productions with budgets exceeding $500,000. Augusta is about to get its seventh film meeting that criteria, according to Kelly and Williams. Pre-production begins next week, and shooting begins in early March. According to the folks at Indie Grip, the combined budgets of the past six major productions shot in Augusta totals at least $5.3 million.

And some of that money goes back into the local economy. For example, Indie Grip spent about $40,000 at a local Lowe's last year, according to Kelly.

Williams says Augusta stands out because of its unique look. And now, it's work force in the production industry is growing.

"We very rarely have out-of-towners come in to work on films because we have plenty of training classes that the Southeastern Filmmakers incorporate into the building and everything," Williams said.

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