(AUGUSTA,GA) For some commissioners it was an idea that took off, Sheriff’s office wanting new regulations to restrict drones year round in Augusta.

“If he recommends then why should somebody else around here go the other way he’s the man who’s going to be on the front lines,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

The restrictions ban drones flying at events with more than 100 people without the permission of the Sheriff’s office, last year commissioners past similar restrictions but only during the days around the Masters tournament.

“We have other events throughout the year not just the Masters event that are just as important to the citizens of Augusta Richmond County,” said Captain Scott Gay of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

“I see that now they’re going for this to be a year round permanent ban there goes forty percent of my market share that’s a big deal for me,” said Justin Sellers, CEO of Sellers Imaging.

Justin Sellers is a certified professional drone pilot, his business uses drones for aerial photography, and he feels the commission acted too quickly approving the new regulations year round.

“It was definitely troubling we were definitely caught off guard by it nobody expected this to become a year around thing especially so quick as it did it didn’t follow the normal process so we were very concerned about that,” said Sellers.

Sellers has been contacting city leaders about exempting businesses that use drones from the new rules he believes commissioners and the businesses would support that change.

“We do support a piece of legislation that would allow people who are supposed to fly, fly and people who are not supposed to fly don’t that is something we can understand and support with the commission,” Sellers said.

Sellers is scheduled to go before the Public Safety Committee on Tuesday to talk about proposed change to the drone ordinance, the commission is scheduled to take up the second reading of the ordinance a week from tomorrow.