New arena seeks location and funding


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  Phillip Thomson was at checking out  ticket prices at the James Brown arena box office, in the future he would like to see an arena with more seats available.

“It’s time it’s been here for a while how many does this thing seat about 8 thousand if they’re going to build a new one make it a little big bigger,”said Thompson.

That is the plan after nearly forty years of concerts and shows  the Coliseum Authority is looking at building a new arena.

With a site announcement somewhere in the downtown area coming next month.

“Everybody has a different definition of downtown,what are the boundaries of that but yeah it’s critical that were downtown,” says Coliseum Authority Attorney Ed Enoch.

The location of a new arena is one  question the other will be how to pay the more than 100 million dollar cost.

The Coliseum Authority can issue bonds for construction but likely would not be able to cover the costs using it’s own revenues..

“We’re going to have to work with the city because ultimately

because we the Authority that building isn’t going to generate the revenue to pay for 100 million 110 million dollar facility,” says Enoch.

One approach new arenas  and stadium take to raise money is to sell naming rights to corporations but if that happens  would Augusta no longer have a James Brown Arena.

“For us to lose that iconic name would be foolish on our part and certainly not prudent I think the coliseum authority in their due diligence would seem to know that they would want to keep that name in some way shape or form,” says Mayor Hardie Davis

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