Neighbors Talk About how They Tried to Save a Baby and her Mother From Deadly Augusta Apartment Fire


Officials are investigating a fire at an Augusta Apartment complex that killed a baby and sent the mother to the hospital.

It happened early Wednesday evening at the Magnolia Park Apartments off of Vandivere Road.

Neighbors who saw it say it started towards the back of the apartment and spread to several nearby rooms.

The woman who was in the apartment at the time is now at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center being treated for severe burns. Her baby that was also in that apartment didn’t make it out alive.

We spoke with the men who tried to save that child.

“Like I said before you put everything in God’s hands, but it look real bad for them,” one resident said.

Fire Department crews arrived to a heart wrenching scene at Magnolia Park Apartments as neighbors fought to keep a mother and her baby alive.

“The baby was in the living room the baby was just trying to crawl out,” Levaun Green said.

Derric Downs and Levaun Green say they tried to jump in and help.

They even went to grab the woman who was trying to escape. That’s when they say they saw the little child struggling to crawl to safety.

“I took the shirt off my back and just wrapped around her,” Green continued.

Dozens of people watched and waited as crews fought the flames and tried to clean up some of the damage that was done.

Others were crying and just trying to console one another.

Neighbors say this community is like family, and while they are praying for the best, they expect the worst.

“We did what we supposed to do and I would do for your kids. We are not no heroes right here,” one man said.

Continue to count on News Channel 6 as we follow the mother’s condition and this developing investigation.

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