Neighbors concerned about trash and debris pile up at abandoned home in Harrisburg


AUGUSTA ( WJBF) — Neighbors say an abandoned home in the Harrisburg area is an eyesore they’ve been looking at for almost two years after a fire destroyed the property.

“That’s not good. Its been what two years now? It needs to be taken down,” Safwan Ajlani said.

The property has now become an illegal dumping site for trash and debris.

“Its bringing down the properties,” Ajlani said.

Code enforcement said it’s the responsibility of the homeowner to clean up their property, but city commissioners said finding the homeowner can be difficult.

“One of the issues that we have is that some of these properties are not city properties. When the property is not city property you have to go through the proper channels. You have to give the homeowner an opportunity wherever they may be to address the issue first,” District one commissioner Jordan Johnson said.

Recently, Newschannel 6 took a walk through Harrisburg with District One Commissioner Jordan Johnson and saw the trash and debris on the property.

“Of course, we understand the effect it has on a neighborhood not only just the property values, but the morality and the public health of a neighborhood,” Johnson said.

He says fixing the problem means working with code enforcement and following the proper channels to hold the right people accountable.

“I want folks to understand that it will take time, but we are dedicated to holding people accountable for the slum conditions they leave our neighborhoods in,” Johnson said.

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