AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- It’s been a long day for many in this Summerville neighborhood. I’m here on Brandsford Road and as you can see behind me, there are trees blocking the road keeping residents from getting in and out of their homes.

“My coworker and I decided to stop by on our way back to Atlanta and check and see who else needed help and after something like this everyone does. So, just trying to pitch in where we can,” Universal Roofing and Construction worker DJ Coots said. 

It’s all hands-on deck when it comes to this clean up. Crews with Universal Roofing and Construction used their app that notifies them of places where there’s damage. They said when they noticed how bad this area was, they had to help.

“We’ve had severe weather here twice this year already with inch and inch and a half hail most recently yesterday. So, we were out trying to help out folks who need tarping or who have even worse issues, may need roof replacement and to help answer any questions and stuff. We saw the road blocked here and figured we pitch in,” Coots said. 

Crews with Pond Maintenance of Augusta showed up to continue removing the tree debris after a long night spent cleaning up surrounding areas.

“Last night we got rid of like seven to eight trees. Last night we didn’t get off work until 3 o’clock last night and we’re right back up at it again today,” Charles Axon said.

We spoke to neighbors who live here and said they got power back at around noon on Saturday. 

Despite the incredible amount of damage and clean up that continues, no injuries were reported.