Need for foster parents is great in the two-state


TELEVISION PARK–   The foster care system is in need of families.

If you’ve ever considered fostering a child, please watch this segment!  Click on for more information.

Reports show more than 10,000 children are victims of abuse or neglect in the state of Georgia. Many of those kids end up in foster care. According to the court appointed Special Advocates Georgia Division, 300 of about 10,000 children in foster care passed through the system here in Augusta.

In South Carolina, the the Department of Social Services says about 4 out of 10 children find families. Across the country, the opioid crisis has impacted the number of kids in foster care, according to Georgia Mentor.

“Right now there’s just a lot more kids coming into care than having foster parents on hand to be able to place those children in homes instead of institutions.”

A couple of the requirements to become a foster parent are a criminal records check, a medical examination, and a home safety check. And we have another representative of Georgia Mentor with us today. Vonda Prince is the Family Development Manager with Georgia Mentor… and we have a foster parent with us, Elizabeth Lindroth.

They’ll explain what the need is, what it takes to be a foster parent, and what kinds of support foster parents recieve.For more information about Georgia  Mentor and the Mentor Network, click here.

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