Nathan Levy workshop for teachers and parents of gifted students


AUGUSTA, Ga.-   The Georgia Association for Gifted Children has just wrapped up its state conference in Athens, where a local teacher got a big honor. You’ll meet Dawn Jeffers shortly, but listen to this: 40 years ago, the charter for the organization was signed right here in Augusta, Georgia at what was then Augusta College.

Gifted teachers, like Sandra Anderson at Evans Elementary School, help challenge creative thinkers.

Brad Means reports.

“They’ve been tested and recognized that they have a specific talent or talent that we try to develop.”

Mrs. Anderson stretches those talents with projects like these timelines of U.S. presidents.

“But they’re not just presidential timelines. They actually had to find an event that happened duiring that president’s time and then elaborate on it and put it in order through the timeline. My 4th and 5th graders, we do Math Olympiad. For 2nd and 3rd graders we do Figure It Out. For our first graders, we are working on a lower level math activity. As we move up, then we do Science and Social Studies. We always emphasize the Language Arts.”

There’s even a unit on House Design for her fifth graders.

“And they go through the entire process of learning what are some of the abstract designs of rooms, as far as the makeup of the square footage. They actually do a blueprint, to scale. Then they take that to scale blueprint and make a model home to scale with the blueprint.”

Nathan Levy is a gifted educator who taught in New York City classrooms, was a principal, and coordinator of a district-wide gifted program.

His workshops are among the most popular at state and national education conferences. His ideas have helped raise achievement and bring back enthusiasm to teachers and parents.

Many of you parents -and your kids- will be familiar with his books Stories With Holes, Whose Clues? and Nathan Levy’s 100 Intriguing Questions.

A sought after author and international public speaker, his reputation is based on years as a dynamic teacher….  and I am so honored to haveRead more about Nathan Levy and order his books here:

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