SCAM ALERT: NAPS will not ask for money over the phone


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Right now, North Augusta public safety officers are getting reports about people receiving strange calls from them.

“Uncertainty, urgency, and fear, you put all those things together and then the emotions get the best of you,” said Lieutenant Tim Thornton.

Scammers are calling people and claim they have warrants with the city. North Augusta Public Safety announced Tuesday their department’s phone number was cloned.

Thornton said the scammers tell people, “The whole thing can go away if they just provide a gift card and send it here or send it there.”

The scammers are cunning and there is no particular time when they could hit you up.

“They can pick up on certain cues about your own personal life and they can ask you questions related to that. And then to the potential victims, it sounds legit because they know so much,” explained Thornton.

Every so often some people will get calls about warrants according to Thornton but no one from North Augusta Public Safety will ever ask you for a payment over the phone. He said several of the phone scams they’ve had are of a foreign origin.

He remarked, “It’s almost impossible to target, to identify who’s doing this.”

Thorton encourages people to use their common sense if a scammer ever calls but there are some tricks to ward them off.

He said, “The more questions that they ask, the quicker your scammers going to get irritated and realize you’re too smart and they’re going to move on. And you just prevented yourself from being a victim.”

As for paying a warrant with a gift card, Thornton said that’s ridiculous. No law enforcement agency would ever accept that.

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The North Augusta Department of Public is warning the CSRA about a scam where THEIR phone number has been duplicated.

According to their Facebook page, unknown people cloned the number 803-279-2121 and are calling and advising people that they have warrants with the city and should pay a fine via gift cards.

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