Multiple projects bring volunteers together for day of service


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It was all hands on deck across the Garden City as volunteers pitched in to help improve the city.

It’s called CityServe and it’s a program that is the brainchild of the faith based organization City Hope Alliance.  The five hour community service experience spearheaded by locals churches gave many a chance to do their part in beautifying the city as its population increases.

Matt Aiken worked as a CityServe Coordinator for the Downtown Project on Broad Street.

“It tells the people who are coming that you care about your community,” he said of the cleaning project.

As Augusta reaches to become more cyber friendly adding jobs and people, more eyes and maybe some parked cars will wind up on Broad Street.

Aiken said the extra helpers are working in tandem with the city.

“How do we assist our government to do the beautification aspect of it and how do we start to think outside the box and do the things that are important that in the past may have been neglected?”

One by one volunteers got on their hands and knees to scrape, pull weeds from flower beds then toss it.

Leslee Bogdanow volunteered with her family.

“I think downtown is really coming along and it could really be one of those downtowns that people want to come to, tourists want to come to not just Masters week, but other times of the year and making it look more beautiful would attract more people.”

The Broad Street project started on 10th Street at the parking areas and volunteers worked their way down a few blocks. Aiken said he’s hoping vacant buildings will fill up due to the work on the median.

“We all have a responsibility to our community and we reap a lot of benefits from our government and a lot of the amenities we get,” Aiken said. “And sometimes I think we all should be able to figure out someway to give back whether it is volunteer for youth ministry or clean up project or just something to be engaged with in our community. And I think it brings fulfillment to us.”

There were several other CityServe projects across Augusta at various schools, parks and community centers.

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