Mother’s Day for those without their mom is bittersweet


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –  Many people around the CSRA took time out to share cards, gifts and perhaps a meal with their mothers.

But for some, who have lost that special loved one, Mother’s Day is different.

Their stories are just like those who have their mother’s still around.  They love them and their moments are priceless.  But for people living through this day whose mothers have died, it was a trip with flowers to the cemetery and not a restaurant.

“This is my mamma. Her name Lucille Clark.”

It’s a tough day for sons like Antonio Clark.

The day is equally as hard for Grovetown mother Sally Bellotti, who made a trip to Bellevue to see her mother and her daughter.

“This is the only place I could come to visit,” Bellotti said. “I talk to them all the time, but this is where I come to actually have a little special visit with them.”

Bellotti joined many others reflecting on the people who once captured their hearts and have died and are buried at the cemetery.

Sheron Drayton is one of those people.

“I still can’t believe that she’s gone,” she said.

Drayton’s mom Bessie Mae Drayton Price is buried at Walker Memorial in Augusta.  She said her mom beat breast cancer, but died two years ago from another cancer.

“She was a very caring person. She loved taking care of people. She loved to play cards and she loved to drink,” Drayton reflected.

For others it’s all about the legacy that their mothers left. Brenda Johnson-Hankinson told us she and her siblings had encouragement and religious guidance from their mother, Beatrice Ross Johnson.

“I will never forget the support that she gave each one of us,” she said of her mother’s eight children. “She loved babies and she loved each one of us and always shared with us our uniqueness and that’s what encouraged me to become a school teacher and she was very proud of me.”

One lady told us Mother’s Day isn’t her only time to visit her mom and daughter at Bellvue.  She’s a regular, making trips at least three times a week to spend time with them.

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