AUGUSTA, Ga, (WJBF) – More than a year after her son’s murder at an Augusta nightclub, one local mother formed a group to hit the streets with other mothers in hopes of getting answers to the crimes.

“When they opened fire, it shot through Kevin’s back window directly to here,” said Artia Jones, Kevin Coatney, Jr.’s mom.

Jones can recall how her son’s life ended to gun violence on January 30, 2022. She said her 20-year-old went to 706 Lounge off Deans Bridge Road, near Gordon Highway. She said investigators with Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told her he left the club and walked to his car, back then parked in VIP near the front door. Along with what happend and where it took place, she said she knows who possibly was involved.

“From a year and nine months, the three names that were ringing out in the city about this incident are still the same,” Jones said. “Nothing has changed.”

Jones, who said her son was killed just a few months shy of his 21st birthday, never let up. She and her family meet monthly to comb through neighborhoods, passing out flyers for answers or evidence. There’s also a birthday billboard and a $10,000 reward. She said since the streets are talking about her son’s murder, she and her sister are starting Moms On A Mission, which can be found in Facebook Groups. It’s an organization that will help other mothers by meeting monthly to apply the same concept; going door to door with flyers in hopes of solving their own kids’ homicides.

“Any little information that we get that can help bring peace and justice to these mothers that are still heartbroken and searching for answers no matter how many years,” Jones explained.

“I need someone to help get out here and try to solve my son’s case, but I’m not getting that from Richmond County. I’m not,” Nikisha Terry said.

Terry told NewsChannel 6 her son, Leon Hopkins, Jr, was shot and killed in an apartment complex off 13th Street near Walton Way. It happened October 9, 2015. And she said despite a reward for $1,000, she’s hit a brick wall with investigators who still have not solved her son’s murder.

Terry added, “It’s going on 8 years. 8. My son case was the only case that wasn’t solved for 2015.”

Through her tears, she’s joining Moms On A Mission. Terry said Jones reached out to her about organizing, something that she wanted to do, but could not work up the nerve to start.

Her son Leon, a rap artist who never met his son and Kevin, a clothing designer with a love for dirt bikes will both have their cases investigated by their mothers.

Moms On A Mission will meet in Harrisburg at Lake Olmstead Saturday at 1 p.m.