Mother and daughter share the stage together as college graduates


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Lisa Cundey and her daughter Lisa Marie share the same name. On Friday, they’ll also share the stage together as graduates of Augusta University. Cundey says after receiving her bachelors degree in the early eighties she wanted to take time off to work as a stay-at-home mom.

“Two of the most important times in my life have been when my daughter was born and when I became a mom. Now that we’re graduating together she’s getting her doctorate and I’m getting a masters degree, I feel like we are going through two of the most important times of our lives together,” Cundey said.

While making sure her children had the best education, Cundey says in the process she forgot about her own educational goals.

“It was a goal that I had in the back of my mind and the time was right and everything just fell into place. My parents were teachers and had their masters degrees in secondary education,” Cundey said.

Although going back wasn’t much of a challenge for her there were some obstacles she experienced along the way such as the use of technology.

“We were going through a lot of the same things together, we would have finals at the same time and we commiserated sometimes when things got really tough, but it was worth it,” Cundey added.

Looking back she says navigating through college wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her daughter.

“We’re always going to be each others number one fans and we’re always going to be supporting each other. It’s been through school and then it’ll be supporting each other out in the workplace.” Marie told NewsChannel 6 about her mother.

The mother and daughter duo are looking forward to starting their new careers in both education and physical therapy. Their credit their success to the support they received from family and friends.

The commencement ceremony at Augusta University will begin at 2 pm at the James Brown Arena.

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