More staff for animal shelter debated


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta commissioners are not ready to send more help to Augusta’s animal service.

City leaders debating whether to spend 76 thousand dollars to hire two new animal control officers and get them a new vehicle.

Supporters say the the department  is seeing a greater work load due to the new pet ordinance  approved last year.

“Sometime we have to adjust mid stream in order to make things work better so we have to keep our mind open and not be so flat we have to be able to think up and down sometime and it’s needed right now and they have been suffering for a long time.,

The city administrator is recommending funding the position using the $388  thousand dollar ambulance subsidy that Gold Cross did not accept,

The administrator  is also recommending using the subsidy to pay for    new employees in code enforcement and  the Marshal’s Office and leaving 100 thousand dollars of it in reserves.

The Public Safety committee voted to send the issue to the full commission without a recommendation.

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