More people choosing electric vehicles


There are more electric vehicles out on our roads. The price for many EVs is going down and some drivers see the option as a cost-saving tool in the long run.

“Electric vehicles are becoming more popular,” says Georgia Power spokesperson Adrienne Tickle.

Tickle explains some of the reasons why the demand for electric vehicles is revving up.

“The battery lives are extending,” she points out. “They’ve got great warranties. There are rebates available. There are a lot of reasons economically and environmental reasons why people are choosing to drive electric vehicles. “

Tickle breaks down some of the incentives that could save you money.

“Currently there are up to $7,500 in incentives from the Federal Government for purchasing an EV and then on the power side, when you’re charging, Georgia Power has electric vehicle rates for charging your vehicle at your home,” Tickle says.

NewsChannel 6 talked to a local Tesla driver who says he gets a discounted rate if he charges his car overnight. He says it costs him about $1 to charge from zero to totally full and the tank gets him about 330 miles worth of driving. He charges at a rate of 40 miles per each hour.

The above statistics are not the same for all EVs. The specifics vary from car to car and brand to brand. As a general rule, the faster the charge, the more expensive up front. Similarly, the farther you can drive before you need a charge, the more you will pay as well.

“If you’re charging an electric vehicle for a month, you can spend maybe an average of $19 a month versus driving a vehicle, with gas when you’re filling up an average of $107 a month,” Tickle says.

The cost of the batteries used in electric vehicles is decreasing, which allows companies to sell the cars for less so as price goes down and demand goes up, people are going to need more charging stations.

“Businesses are adding charging stations,” Tickle says. “We’ve got public charging stations. We’ve got stations for people when they go to their place of employment so they can charge while they are at work and then of course, they can charge when they’re at home as well.”

According to Charge Hub, there are 28 stations in the Augusta metro with talks of adding another where PDQ used to be on Washington Rd.

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