Monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 shortages amid vaccine push


ATLANTA, Ga (WJBF)- This week, the US government announced changes to COVID-19 mono-clonal antibody treatments as a result of supply shortages.

“What are we seeing is the virus has evolved with the Delta virus, we are seeing an outbreak especially among the unvaccinated. With the Delta variant, we are seeing an outbreak of those in their 40s/50s,” said Dr. Toyosi Okurounmu Chief Medical Officer, United Healthcare, Georgia.

Monoclonal antibodies are syntethic, lab created antibodies and help people who are at high risk for severe illness. It also helps those who have tested positive within 10 days but doesn’t help patients create their own antibodies.

“We are seeing the Delta variant is spreading far and fast. You can have 1000 virus in your nose and spread it and this is a different version of the virus,” said Dr. Cameron Webb, Senior Advisor for Equity on the White House COVID-19 Response Team.

Health care providers won’t be able to order these directly because of the rapid delta variant spread, but instead the department of health and human services will allocate antibody products based on new COVID cases per state.

“The most important thing now is to get the vaccine. We are at an outbreak and we have peaked out yet,” said Dr. Okurounmu.

Doctors say for now if you are eligible your best protection is to get the shot, and the boosters when they roll out.

“Until we have enough of our society vaccinated and surges to put us in a place where we are not at our full strength as a nation,” said Dr. Webb.

“Our hospitals are full again and people are getting sick and dying,” said Dr. Okurounmu.

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