Monday, April 18th: Last Day To File Federal Taxes


AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – Monday is the last day to file federal taxes, but if you haven’t had the chance to file just yet, the headache can be avoided.

Unless you are filing for an extension, Monday is the last day to file your federal taxes. Luckily you still have sometime, so WJBF News Channel 6 shares some ways to flawlessly file your tax returns.

  • Double Check Your Math – if you are using tax software or a tax professional chances are their calculations are right, but only as correct as the math you provided them with.
  • Make Sure You Don’t Skip Questions
  • Sign Your Tax Return – many taxpayers skip one of the most important steps, signing their tax returns. A tax return is not considered filed if you don’t sign it.

If you haven’t taken on the task just yet, you can file online for free. Also A.A.R.P. Tax aide offers free tax help for middle-to-low income tax payers.

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