TAMPA (WFLA) — A Florida sheriff’s office wants to know if you have recently lost or misplaced about 770 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

“We will be more than happy to reunite you with your lost property!!” the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page Thursday.

The tongue-in-cheek post comes as the Brevard Sherrif’s Office Narcotics Agents are trying to identify the owner of the marijuana, which was seized from a mini-storage facility in Viera.

“All of us at one point or another in our lives have lost or misplaced something important and are always hopeful that a good and kind person will find our lost item and do the right thing by returning it to [its] rightful owner,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote.

The sheriff’s office said the marijuana has a street value of about $2 million.

“I mean, trying to identify the rightful owner of the property is the very least we can do,” Ivey wrote.

Ivey also urged the owner of the marijuana to come forward, adding that officers would “gladly return your property and also make sure that both you and your property are kept in a secure area so that no one can try to rip you off!!”

Ivey said once the owner comes forward, that person will get an “all expenses paid extensive ‘staycation’ so that you can reflect for a while on exactly how much your lost property means to you!!”

According to Florida law, medical marijuana is allowed in some instances in the state, while recreational marijuana sales, possession and use remain illegal there. Possession of 20 grams of pot or less is a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to a year in prison and a fine of $1,000.