Millennials in business: Aiken Personnel Services develop candidates through testing and training, expanding labor ready workforce


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – An Aiken Employment Agency, started by a Millennial, is revolutionizing the way people are getting hired through customized goals and specialized training.

“The fact that we care makes us different.” Dexter Price told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Dexter Price is the CEO and Founder of Aiken Personnel Services, an employment agency that’s hired hundreds of people since 2015.

The 28-year-old attributes the success of his business to his unique job placement strategy.

“We don’t look at people as numbers,” Price said. “We try to find ways to really help improve the quality of life for people.”

Online testing and certified training, done in a computer lab at the agency, gives clients of APS an advantage to forward their education and skills by making them more marketable.

Price says personalized candidate development helps move people from minimum wage jobs to higher paying positions.

“If you are talking about somebody that walks in the door and has been working at McDonald’s for years, they are able to maintain a job and even get a job through APS, at an entry-level manufacturing position, attain that National Career Ready certification and end up at a manufacturing plant making $17 to $18 dollars an hour.” Price said.

The training APS focuses on also creates a labor ready workforce, that industries are eyeing in areas they plan to relocate to or expand in.

“For example the Samsung plant, they want to have people who are ready to go,” said Price.

Price says for him it’s more than just getting someone a job, it’s about improving the lifestyle of the people in his community.

“Not only are we affecting that one person. We are talking about families here, so if they have 3 or 4 kids… every single week that person is able to provide for their family and that’s all the difference. That’s why we do what we do.” He said.

APS is a free service for people looking for employment.

They place people in jobs from construction, clerical, day labor to industrial positions.

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