AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Statistics show men are less likely to see a doctor.

The Men’s Health Expo will be held at the Bernie Ward Community Center at 1941 Lampkin Road from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Dr. Yvonne Johnson with Medical Associates Plus joined weekend Good Morning Augusta anchor Shawn Cabbagestalk about what you can expect.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: Doctor, thank you so much for joining me today.

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: Well, thank you for having us.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: No problem. Like I was telling you before when I first saw the billboard, I got a little excited, you know, y’all got me noticing is, so was that the goal you guys had?

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: Absolutely. We want folks to realize that men’s health matters too. So we’re gonna have a health fair from 10 to two at, um, uh, the 1941 Lumpkin road. And the point is that men need to take care of their health and they tend not to take care of their health

Shawn Cabbagestalk: Because we’re stubborn. I know I’m stubborn, so is that the case?

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: I’m not gonna even ask you when was the last time you went to the doctor, but you need to not go just when you’re sick, right? You need to go for preventive care, too. Yeah. So we wanna make sure that men know that we’re gonna present a panel to talk about men’s health issues. Men are more likely they die younger than women. On average by at least five years, they are more likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks, you know, bad medical outcomes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes cancers. We need to be able to evaluate you so that we can prevent these things. And if you have something identified early while it can still be treated.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: Absolutely.

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: And so that’s what we wanna make sure people are aware of.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: You guys are partnering with a number of organizations, the college, and others?

We’re partnering with Paine College. We’re partnering with the One Hundred Black Men of Augusta, and then again, Medical Associates Plus. We have a panel that’s gonna be made up of Dr. Davis. who’s one of our infectious disease doctors, Troy Hutchinson. He’s one of our PAs and family medicine and Patrick Cook. He’s our doctor of dental medicine. So we have a dentist out there and Carlos foster, a licensed clinical social worker, the head of behavioral health. And we also have Dr. Bowman. He’s a cardiologist at Piedmont. The panel starts at 1 p.m. and it’s to prevent present information on men’s health. People may also ask questions, but it’s, this function is to put it in the forefront of your mind to take care of yourself, take yourself to the doctor. Yeah, don’t wait until you’re literally on death’s door. We wanna do preventive stuff.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: I’m pretty sure the women who are watching this interview with us probably gonna push their men saying, ‘Hey, go to this expo because you know, you need to go to the doctor and get checked out, right?”

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: And that’s what we want them to do. We really do want them to come in. We don’t want it to just be this one day. Right. We kind of want it to be introducing them to what’s available. From little children to senior citizens, we want them to seek medical care appropriately.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: So Dr. Johnson it’s no excuse, but what if folks say they can’t make it out to the event, Will you have other options available for them?

Dr. Yvonne Johnson: Well, we always are available, you know, our health centers, we have multiple locations. We literally have locations from Walton way all the way to Waynesboro. Yes, sir. So we have locations and yes, we are available. You can go to our website at and you can see what’s available and you can even make appointments online.

Shawn Cabbagestalk: Sounds good to me. We’ll make sure that information is on our website,