AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Are you feeling lucky? The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $1.58 billion –  the largest in Mega Millions history, and the third largest in U.S. history.

I bought a ticket on Friday, and I already have plenty of ideas of how I would spend the money. Local players do, too.

“If I win, I plan to at least give some of it to charity, I haven’t decided which organization, but once I win I’m sure they’re all gonna be calling me,” said Andrew Pride Jr.

Pride has about $100 invested.

“A hundred for one point five billion is a pretty good exchange,” he said.

The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 303 million.

If you win, you can take a one-time cash payment of $783 million or the entire jackpot paid out in annual installments over 29 years.

Players said they would donate some, and then go off the grid.

“One point five billion dollars, that’s a lot of money. And I can do a lot of things with that,” Tim Snell said. “First thing I would do, I would go to my church and have all my family to come there. And then I would sit everybody down and give them an envelope, and say this is your last visit, this will be the last time you see me, so enjoy.”

“Most of all the charitable organizations, and then my family, my closest friends and my enemies too so they would become my friends,” Eartha Young said. “I would disappear for six months and nobody would know where I’m going.”

They also want to invest in the Garden City.

“You know, the way things are now it’s hard for people. Working, and trying to find a job, and COVID and all this situation. So it would be nice that I would be in a position to sort of give,” Pride said.

“Help the needy, and give back to our community and do some great things to help build Augusta,” Snell said.

Tune in to NewsChannel 6 just before our 11 o’clock newscast on Tuesday to find out if you’re $1.5 billion richer. If there is no winner, the drawing will roll over to Friday night.