AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – Contract talks between the city and Gold Cross are expected to take an unusual turn here on Friday as four commissioners are scheduled to take part.  

When it comes to the city’s contract negotiations with Gold Cross, four is a crowd.  

“Commissioners should never be part of any contract negotiations you know that is why we have attorneys, that is why we have professionals through the city who handle these types of things to me the commissioners being there is going to be a distraction,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

Commissioners voting to hold the talks Tuesday, then they are adding Commissioners Garrett, Hasan, Clarke, and Dennis Williams to the city’s negotiating team.

That is unusual.  

“I have not quite seen it this way, but it came out of our office that we were going to do it this way so we’re going to have to follow the guidelines,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

Last year, the ambulance subcommittee worked on issues the city wanted in a new ambulance deal, like minimum number of units, a system to keep track of ambulance calls to help response times, and a contract quality control person. 

So, some commissioners wanted a separate meeting before sitting down with Gold Cross. 

“I think we can do a work session with our staff, tell them what we want, then they can go on and meet with Gold Cross. I just think we have to have a meeting of the minds,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

The announcement for the negotiation session says it will be held in the Beazley Room at the Municipal Building.  

But the room is already crowded with voting equipment for the start of early voting on Monday for the runoff election.  

With the cumbersome setup for these contract talks, commissioner Garrett says he does not expect a final deal to be hammered out here on Friday.