McCormick County investigators look into murder of man during fight


MCCORMICK COUNTY, SC – McCormick County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation after the murder of a man last week. It happened early Thursday just after 12:30 in the morning. A deputy responded to a fight on Bellfield Road. When he arrived, he found 21-year-old Samuel Isaiah Morgan laying on the porch with several gun shot wounds to the chest and a bloody face. 37-year-old Darren Fredrico Reid was arrested for the crime and charged with murder. Authorities found a gun inside Reid’s home there on Bellfield Road. South Carolina non-violence activist Jack Logan wants prayers for the family.

“It’s time for us as adults to teach children about God’s word. If children are taught about God’s word as a child, as they grow, they will understand how east it is to walk away from a situation,” said Logan, Put Down the Guns Now Young People Founder.

Logan added the victim’s father died earlier last week.

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