COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – McCann Waste is still struggling to pick up people’s trash in Columbia County. Its website and Facebook profile were recently taken down. But, hope isn’t lost.

The company has been going through it for several months now – trucks breaking down, employees quitting. It’s left them with very little resources to continue its services, and a lot of backlash from their customers who say they’re out-of-the-loop.

However, the company has been getting help on its routes from Ryland Environmental out of Dublin, Georgia while one of its trucks is being repaired.

“We’ve been helping them get caught up, and I know people are impatient about garbage because I’ve been dealing with it for a long long time, but I promise you, these folks have worked themselves almost to death to try to pick the trash up,” said James Lanier, the Managing Partner for Ryland Environmental.

Customers NewsChannel 6 spoke to said they still have a long way to go.

“I’m glad that they came today, and I’m glad they came last week, so that’s two in a row,” said Travis Bossong. “They just got to keep stacking them and communicate, because that’s what we want – communication.”

Some want reimbursements, but said they understand the owners are struggling and hope they get back on their feet.

Lanier told us McCann’s owners took down the company’s website and Facebook page because they were getting threats against their children.

“Threatening the children is really what put me over the edge the day that we met,” he said. “And I mean, I could look in Brittany’s face and see the tears in her eyes, and she was genuinely afraid. And that’s ridiculous.”

He said McCann is scheduled to be back on track by next week, and they will be making a statement on Ryland’s website and Facebook page about how service and payments will be handled going forward.

“There are discussions about some things between us, I don’t know what’ll come out of that, but we’ll make an announcement shortly on what that is,” Lanier said.

Bossong told us he’s reached out to the company multiple times, and even offered to help pick up the trash, and but has gotten no response.

“The way to contact McCann Waste, seems like it’s impossible,” he said.

His contract with McCann was up at the end of July. He’s switching to another trash pick-up service, but doesn’t know what to do with his McCann bins.

Lanier is urging people to stay patient.

“We will keep picking trash up, and we will have people getting service so they won’t have to worry about that part,” he said.

We reached out to McCann Waste but haven’t heard back yet.