Mayor says Cyber deck 6-8 million, and SPLOST dollars possible funding option


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta officials say the city needs to be ready to step up for the Cyber Center.

“We need to have a stake in the game it’s here in Augusta we should be a part of it have a certain amount of control,” says Commissioner Marion Smith.

The city’s control of the cyber center is pay for a 500 space parking deck, something the mayor says doesn’t think the cost will be ten to 12 million dollar range.

‘But when we look at the numbers for a five hundred space parking deck that number of a bit less than 10 to 12 you can take four million off of that,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

So how to you pay for a six to eight million dollar deck at the old Golf and Gardens, well the commission cold approve a property tax increase.

“Would I support one I would really think very hard about supporting it yeah because it’s needed,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But the mayor says not for the parking deck the city has old SPLOST money around…

‘There’s some lapse funds that are there we can look at one how we redistribute those there were projects that were never done in previous SPLOSTS,” says the Mayor

After the ice storm commissioners raised property taxes.

A portion of the increase went to rebuild the reserves spent on cleanup; some commissioners say the portion used to rebuild those reserves could now be used to pay off bonds for the deck.

“That’s one thing I’ve been in discussions about but again you don’t want to use maybe not all of that we had going into reserves I’m still a fan of putting money away if you don’t have to spend it put in reserves so that might be a little piece of the pie,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

Some questions still out there other than how to generate the money to pay for the deck.

Will the city own the deck, and be able to use it after hours?

Or will it be another case of the city paying to construct a parking deck on someone else’s property like the Reynold Street deck.

The answers will be coming quick according to the state’s proposal the time line to have the parking deck under construction is the end of May.

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