Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – For Two years Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams has been pushing for a new Community Center at Henry Brigham as costs went up, he was against downsizing. 

 “When you have something that you know is great and it’s going to be great for the community you don’t do it halfway, you don’t get into it and pull out of it if you can go ahead and finish it you finish it,” said Williams.  

 Augusta Commissioners approving a one point six-million-dollar budget increase for the new center. Bringing the final price tag to more than eight point three million dollars. 

 ‘I was over there, I walked around we do need to do some work we need to do some work that is a lot of money but with costs and everything else,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

  A new Brigham Center is a victory for Mayor Pro-Tem Williams, but this was not.  

 Retired School teacher Maggie Hill accusing Williams of cursing her at a public forum after Williams approached her to shake hands. 

 When he approached me for a handshake I extended a fist bump, he said oh you don’t want to shake my hand and much to my dismay he said the expletive F-U,” said Hill. 

Williams did not respond to Hill’s allegation after she addressed the commission nor to other questions.   

“We’re you out of line what happened?” 

 No comment,” said Williams 

“No comment?” 

 “Thank you,” said Williams. 

 But Williams is also saying thanks to commissioners for the funding the new Brigham Community Center.