Mayor laments divisiveness and pain of arena conversation


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Mayor Davis telling the Rotary club members he supports putting the arena at Regency Mall as a way to connect the Gordon Highway area to the growing downtown, and as a way to end the decades of neglect in   the area.

“I believe in the Regency Site, I do because it allows us to do something, in communities of interest that has never been done for the past 30 years,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

“It’s been a little more than two months since the Coliseum Authority voted four to two to select Regency Mall as the site of the new JBA.

“This has sparked a lot of conversation, conversation the mayor is calling divisive and painful and one that that the mayor says has seen him persecuted by some for supporting it

“I didn’t know I would be 48 year’s old on the verge of being martyred   in my own city, I didn’t know that,” said Mayor Davis.

Commissioners Sean Frantom sat in the mayor’s remarks, saying the mayor is to blame for the painful and divisive talks surrounding putting a new arena at Regency Mall.

“He made his decisions I mean he brought the letter he didn’t communicate with the leadership to me he’s done this all on himself,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“And that the blame it falls on the mayor?”

“Absolutely, let’s been transparent lets be open,” said Frantom.

The mayor took one question from the rotary club members the question said with downtown just now coming back after 40 years. And the flood plain issues at Regency Mall and saying the mall went down the tubes because of criminal activity how could the mayor in his right mind consider that site.

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