AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – — Augusta mayor-elect Garnett Johnson is laying out his plans now, for when he officially makes his way into office. We were there as he fulfilled one of his first promises.

With more than 53% of the vote, Garnett Johnson pulled out a victory in the race for mayor. And Wednesday morning, he went right to work fulfilling one of his many campaign promises.

“We’ve been running on a platform of a cleaner city so it’s our goal to pick up every single sign,” said Mayor elect Garnett Johnson.

Garnett and his team picked up more than a thousand signs, starting out early in the morning, but he says he has more than to just keep Augusta clean.

Johnson says, “Economic development will be at my forefront. So, now that this election is over, I want to collaborate with local development authorities to find out how we could work together to get this region winning again.”

And on top of that the mayor-elect wants to start addressing accountability toward taxpayers.

“We’re going to ask for complete operational and efficiency review of every city department so we can show how the dollars are formed into our coffers and how we’re being responsible leaders and stewards of those dollars.”

And he says that will help with affordable housing, by seeing what the city can really do to help citizens facing financial crisis. And when it comes to the surge in crime, we asked Johnson how he plans to put an end to the ongoing gun violence.

“I’ve always said that the sheriff’s department needs every tool and resource that he needs to make sure that he is staffed adequately. As mayor I want to make sure that we meet their needs to make sure that they’re paid adequately. So that they don’t need to go to a neighboring county,” he said.

Mayor-elect Johnson says being able to recruit and retain officers that police the neighborhoods, and crack down on gang violence, will be essential during his time in office, and not only that but building a relationship between law enforcement and the young people in the community.