AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Augusta Mayor-Elect Garnett Johnson hosted Food Truck Family Friday at his campaign headquarters in Hephzibah.

“Since the campaign, we’ve done these on a weekly basis. Now that we’re elected, we want to continue them on a monthly basis. Just engage the people that perhaps did not support me, do not know much about who I am and what my platform is. I want to invite them to come out and learn more about me, learn about what our visions are for not only South Augusta, but for the city,” Johnson said.

Johnson says it’s important to him that the event happens in South Augusta.

“One of the number one complaints I heard among the citizens that live in South Augusta was that there’s not a lot of food choices and food options, there’s not a lot of community engagement,” Johnson said.

“This is great. Giving back and seeing there’s more stuff for our neighborhood, so this is great,” South Augusta resident Ellen Jones said.

The event features a DJ, a bouncy house, and food trucks. Trenell Owens, who owns Flavors of Philly, says the event is a great way to get exposure for his business.

“I got a phone call from someone at the rec center asking me would I want to join this event, and I said yeah I’ll join the event because I was looking for something to be able to showcase my truck. It’s been pretty hard to showcase the truck around this area,” Owens said.

Food Truck Family Friday will happen the third Friday of every month. The location will be different each time, but it will always be in South Augusta.

“I’ve just been a supporter, seeing someone that wants to have their campaign stationed here in Hephzibah. So this was great,” Jones said.

“Community engagement, no more than fellowship. Come out, grab something to eat, sit around for a minute, say hello, learn more about me, maybe I get an opportunity to learn about you and what your ideas are about how we can move Augusta forward,” Johnson said.

The next one is happening August 19th. Johnson will take office in January.