Maximizing your kids academic growth with creative learning spaces


How to maximize your child’s learning space.

Experts in the Department of Teaching and Leading at Augusta University say it’s best for teachers to get away from the traditional classroom setting, and move toward the direction of lighting and flexibility for a productive learning space for students.

“Impactful learning is personalized learning, and the space has to support that, or else you won’t get the outcome,” explained Dr. Gess.

As students return to class across the CSRA, how do you know your kid’s classroom is designed for them to learn effectively?

Gess says students can benefit when the classroom is not traditionally laid out. 

For example, having the desk in rows or just a plain whiteboard on the wall. 
“They need to feel ownership in that space,” said Dr. Gess. “Because when they feel like they own even a small piece of the space, their learning is better.”

A colleague of Gess expressed flexibility in classrooms will be best to help students grow.  

“We do need spaces that are quiet, that’s part of the flexibility too,” explained Dr. Kim Barker. “There is time to collaborate, but there is also time to work individually.”

Barker says her ideal classroom for an inspiring and productive learning space would include books for all reading levels, allowing students to feel at ease in their class.

“They should walk into a room they know asking; is this room for me, is this for my learning or is this room for someone else?” said Dr. Baker.

Both professors say learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Instead, Dr. Gess encourages teachers to expand the lesson plan outside of school.

“It’s incumbent on the teacher to design learning opportunities for the student in the classroom,” said Dr. Gess. “Those learning opportunities should extend outside of the school.”

Parents, you too can create a productive learning space for your kids at home. Gess says by having a space to build, design and critique are all vital to learning.

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