AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Heavy traffic is a certainty along with this week’s big tournament. And there are some ways you can avoid it.

The Traffic Engineering department has been working on traffic routes for Masters week for months. They use the same plan every year but sometimes need to make changes to improve the flow.

This year, there are a couple of changes.

If you’re heading towards downtown Augusta, at the beginning of Riverwatch Parkway there will be an entrance on your right that’ll take you to a parking lot on Eisenhower Drive.

Throughout the day, Berckman’s Road will turn to one way traffic.

“If you’re here for the tournament, the thing I like to emphasize the most it- turn off your GPS. Follow what the officers in the street or the message boards are telling you to do. Because often times, the GPS will try to route you the most direct way,” explained John Ussery, Assistant Director of Traffic Engineering.

If you are heading to the golf course or traveling near it, there are a few things to remember. One is to try to avoid the area if you don’t need to be there or you could find yourself stuck in traffic.

If you are going down Washington Road for any other reason, be aware that most left turns will be closed to avoid traffic backing up.

And be cautious. There will be some traffic pattern changes and road closures, so be sure to plan for that.

One major exit will be closed to traffic during the tournament.

“In the morning, we care closing the off ramp at interstate 20 at Washington Road. It’s Exit 199,” said Ussery. “So if you’re headed to Augusta from the Atlanta area, you’re heading eastbound, we’re going to require you to get off at Riverwatch Parkway and proceed to the golf course using Riverwatch and Alexander (Drive). In the afternoon, we will close Berkmans Road between the parking lots and Ingleside where the roundabout is.”

The good news is that the Georgia Department of Transportation has halted all work on major projects in the area.

You can sign up to get traffic updates by email or text at the Augusta Richmond County Traffic website.