AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Patrons at the Masters will enjoy a long day of golf, beautiful sights and more. And to get through it, they’ll have to prepare accordingly.

Whether it’s their first time or they’ve been before, patrons at Augusta National share their ‘Masters Survival Tips’.

“I did do research about parking and what to bring with me,” said Thomas Zickaf. “Certainly sunblock.”

Patrons headed at Augusta National tell us that sun protection is number one.

“Bring your sunglasses for sure,” said Jessica Jones.

“Sunglasses,” said Sade Anthony. “Because you gotta get a picture done in front of the clubhouse and you don’t want to be squinting.”

Some patrons make sure they bring special items from their closet.

“Comfortable shoes,” said Valerie Kimmel. “Cute outfit- you have to have a cute outfit.” 

Speaking of the outfit…

“You need a UPF protective polo,” said Anthony. “Or a popover because the sun will be out. Even in overcast, the sun is out.” 

And just in case you get that yummy food on your ‘fit…

“A Tide2Go pen,” said Anthony.

“Oh, yes!” said Jones

“We’ve learned today,” said Anthony. “A Tide2Go pen. Stay ready so you don’t gotta get ready!”

For some patrons, an item to capture the memories is top priority.

“If you’re on the practice round,” said Brencis Stanford. “You have to bring a camera…but, with a zoom lens so that you can get the up close shots.”

Last but not least:

“And just leave your phone in the car,” said Anthony. “There’s no need for it.”

“No need for the check-in,” said Jones.

“Nope,” said Anthony.

Augusta National has a list of items to bring and what to leave at home, you can find it here