AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– He’s performed for more than two million people, in more than 30 countries, on six continents.

You may have seen Master Illusionist, Harris III, on the Travel Channel or ABC Family, and this Saturday, Oct. 29, you can see him live at the Kroc Center.

WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery spoke with him from his home in Nashville.

Harris III/Master Illusionist: “I specifically remember being that age, like around 9, when you’re supposed to be cool at school, and I was not cool … and a magician came to my school and all of the cool kids thought it was kind of cheesy , and I was like, I guess it’s kind of cheesy… I wasn’t really into magic.”

Harris III says, as a kid, magic wasn’t his thing. But that all changed one Christmas with a present from his grandmother.

Harris III/Master Illusionist: “Not at all what I asked for for Christmas that year, but that little box of magic tricks clearly changed by life, and I’ve been performing it ever since.”

Harris III brings a message of hope and fellowship for everyone attending his family-friendly shows.

Harris III/Master Illusionist: “So you’re gonna laugh a lot, I think, you’re gonna have a ton of fun together with the family, I think your heart is going to be warmed, you’re going to be inspired, you’re gonna walk away – hopefully going- ‘wow, that was amazing! Probably, also asking, ‘how did he do that?’ But we’re also going to inspire you by telling lots of stories because when you travel to that many places, for this many years, performing something as unique as magic shows, you have some pretty incredible experiences along the way, and so, while you’re going to see some amazing magic, you’re also going to hear some incredible stories that will be equally as mind-blowing, but will also inspire you!”

Harris III will be performing two free shows at the Kroc Center this Saturday, October 29th. The first is at 3:00pm. the second at 6:00pm in Franklynn Hall.

It’s all part of The Salvation Army’s Fall Festival, which supports its ongoing efforts to provide support to individuals and families in need.

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