Mask mandate recommendation going to commission


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta’s administrator is recommending something that is very 2020. He says if you’re going to go into a public building, something like this needs to be required again.

Eddie Pardue got some business done at the south Augusta tag office, after weeks of not being able to   because of COVID.

“It was rough, two to three weeks in bed all the month of September,” said Pardue.

Pardue had his mask in the tag office, but it’s not required but the office manager says 99 percent of the customers wear masks.

“Just a couple of people that don’t want to we respect their decision, and we serve them just like we would anyone else,” said Office Branch Manager Shannon Covington.

Commissioners scheduled to get a COVID update from administrative staff on Wednesday including a recommendation that a mask mandate for public buildings be reinstated immediately.

The Marshal’s Office is in charge of security at city building, the Marshal saying if the mayor and commission order a mask mandate his department would be ready.

“We’re pretty well prepared we always kind of had it in the back of our minds so if that does come down, if we do get an executive order, it wouldn’t be hard at all to get it going,” said Marshal Ramone Lamkin.

Some customers at the tag office support a mask mandate.

“Wearing a mask, it protects everybody,” said Bernadette Johnson. 

“You wouldn’t mind being told you had to do it?” 

 “No,” Johnson answered.

“I would like for people to be safe, whatever that looks like I would like not just the taxpayers that are coming in to be safe but also for my employees to be safe,” said Covington.

Commissioners began to meet in person again in May. Masks at the meetings have never been required however the mayor does encourage people coming to the chambers to put on a mask.

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