Mask mandate for Augusta government facilities approved


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Hundreds of people coming into the Municipal Building, some wearing masks some not.

One visitor saying if he was fully vaccinated why should a mask be required.

“I’ve had two vaccines, I had a reaction to the second one I figured I’m covered, I trust the vaccines to work I don’t think they’re ought to be any other things mandated,” said Bud Fulghum.

But a majority of Augusta commissioners voting for a mask mandated at all city government facilities.

“Masks will stop the spread and some people are not vaccinated this will help protect them, their families’ and loved ones,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.

“At one point in time they were talking about the fact COVID cases were going up. you got this delta variant we’re just trying to keep people safe I can support that,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

There was a mask mandate at city buildings last year but before the COVID vaccines became available.

“More people are getting vaccinated which is the important part whether you mandate a mask or not that should still be up to the individual,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“What is a mask other than breathing my own discharge I don’t feel I ought to do that,” said Fulghum.

Will you put it on if told to?”

“I would probably resist or just not go where they require me to do it,” he said.

But that requirement is now for all city government buildings. The vote for the mask mandate was seven to three, with Commissioners Clarke, Garrett and McKnight voting no.  

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