GERMANTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — A Montgomery County man is looking for answers after a man broke into his Germantown house recently, not only stealing things but lounging around, using his toothbrush, razor and shower.

“There’s a lot of crime in Germantown, a lot. It didn’t use to be like this,” said Rodger Moran

Moran didn’t expect to be the victim of a home burglary but when he came home last month, he noticed things missing and out of place.

“These taller items were put here and the window was closed and I turned around and the window air conditioner that usually is in this window was on the floor,” Moran said.

In his bedroom, he said watches, hunting knives and clothing were missing.

“He hung out in the bed and over there was littered with Coca-Cola cans, bottled water, protein shakes, energy drinks. There were like six of them so he had been here for some time,” Moran said.

In his bed when the police got there, he found a man’s underwear and coat in a heap.

“He lit some candles as he relaxed in my bed,” Moran said.

But what might be the weirdest part of this burglary happened in the bathroom. Moran said the man likely used his toothbrush because he found it on the soap dish in the shower. He found a hairbrush in there and long black hair in the drain. He also found whiskers and shaving cream in the sink, not to mention the toilet was not flushed.

Moran said police were able to get some good fingerprints around the house.

“We all agree he was probably homeless. He’s probably transient moving from here to there,” Moran said. “And he went from here and he was, you know, seen down in Rockville, so maybe he’s moving in that direction.”

Rockville is where police found his laptop behind a dumpster and hunting knives in the bag. But one thing he’s most upset about is one of his high-end bicycles that was stolen.

“I ride for the in the great cycle challenge, which is to raise money for childhood cancer and that was what the bike was for. It was the bike I rode hundreds of miles on,” Moran said.

In all, the burglar got away with $10,000-$12,000 worth of things.

“The things he stole were material things you know, I didn’t get hurt, none of my loved ones,” Moran said. “You know my girlfriend didn’t come over in the middle of the day and find him here and have him hit her on the head with a baseball bat.”

While he counts himself lucky no one was hurt, he’s still wondering who did this and why.

He’s in the process of upgrading security at his house, including adding more cameras.