COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. – A missing Columbia County teenager is safe and back in the area.

Calah Noel Waskow went missing last Monday from her home.

A Levi’s Call was issued on Thursday, and a motorist spotted Waskow, along with her accused abductor Jason Johnson, in Sevierville, Tennessee, nearly 300 miles away.

Calah’s first stop after arriving back in Columbia County was the Columbia County Judicial Center where she met with Judge Doug Flanagan and her court appointed attorney, Sheila Wahman.

NewsChannel 6 is told she was released to family, will be receiving some type of counseling and will be speaking with her attorney in the future.

During a truancy hearing within the past couple of weeks, investigators say they learned of the relationship between Calah Waskow and Jason Johnson.

“Talking with her, it was discovered that Calah with involved with an older gentleman that’s the father of an acquaintance of Calah’s,” said Wahman.

Just a few days later, Calah disappeared, believed to be with Johnson.

Columbia County investigators started working on the case and an Amber Alert went out.

Less than a week after she disappeared, Calah and Jason Johnson were found in Sevierville, Tennessee.

John Fecco, travelling for business, is the man who spotted their car.

“At the last minute, I decided to drive all the way to Columbia and spend the night and because of that I was receiving the Amber Alert on the highway as I was going through South Carolina,” said Fecco.

That Amber Alert stayed in Fecco’s mind.

“I don’t know if I really consciously registered the information or if it was subconscious but as I was driving home when I was in Tennessee, out of the corner of my eye I saw this car entering the highway. I caught the last few digits of the license plate number and the car rang a bell, it all rang a bell when it was happening,” said Fecco.

Fecco says he followed the other car until he could get a better look.

“He passed me and I verified the plate and couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s when I called 911,” said Fecco.

Fecco stayed on Calah and Johnson until they stopped at a candy store in Sevierville.

That’s when police moved in and arrested Johnson.

The next step, Wahman says, is keeping Calah safe and bringing justice to Johnson.

“Calah is a 15- year old child. She is a 15- year old young lady and she is definitely a victim in this matter. Jason Johnson is a 37-year old man who, since this past summer, has been a huge influence on Calah. So we are really concerned about Calah’s well being as a victim here,” said Wahman.

Fecco says he has a child of his own and that also drove him to keep Johnson in his sight.

The Wasko family says they want to thank the media and those who helped share Calah’s story in an effort to bring her home.

Johnson is in a Tennessee jail as of Monday night.

Johnson is facing several charges, including Child Molestation.

Police there say he signed a waiver to forgo a hearing and head straight to Columbia County.

Count on News Channel 6 to keep you updated when we receive word that Johnson is on his way back to the area.