Man recalls his brother’s Taser death in wake of new lawsuit against deputies


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A former inmate at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center is suing two Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputies.  Carlos Seal said the deputies acted out of line when they tased him.

NewsChannel 6 obtained inside footage of that incident where Seals said a Richmond County deputy used his Taser on him a year ago.  Now, Seals is suing the two deputies for use of excessive force, something Jerry Harvey said his family knows all too well.

Just two words from Jerry Harvey after watching the news story of Seals being tased by a deputy.

“Crazy. Wow,” he exclaimed.

The video shows Seals saying something and standing against the wall inside the intake area of Webster.  He faces the wall, places his hands behind his back and is tased, falling on the floor.

The August 2015 incident prompted Seals to file a lawsuit against Deputies Donnie Crawford and Christopher Alexis for use of excessive force.  He said the Taser use was without justification, causing him to hit concrete and suffer head injuries.

“It just backs up what I’ve been saying all along.  The officers don’t have proper training,” Harvey said.

Harvey recalls the death of his brother, George, back in June of 2013. He was at a gas station at the corner of Olive Road and Gordon Highway when he said the same type of response prompted him to file a lawsuit against two deputies too and Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

“It has already been proven.  My brother died from the Taser. They still tasing folks. Then they got him inside the jail.  That is ridiculous right there,” he explained.

Seals described his incident.

“Once he pulled the Taser out I said ok yall got it and stood against wall,” he said.

Though Deputy Crawford Claims Seals was combative and wouldn’t comply, Seals told Craig Lucie at our Atlanta affiliate, WSB he feels like he was treated unfair because he was against the wall.  His lawyers agree.

Attorney Craig Jones said, “This is a case where they should not have tased anybody at all. You don’t tase somebody. You don’t shoot a dart and then run electricity through the dart unless they are violently resisting you.”

Harvey said deputies should be more physically fit in order to handle people they apprehend, combative or not.   But he said more needs to be done to shed light on the situation.

“Until our leaders step up and hold these officers accountable they will continue having lawsuits like this. Hopefully, the mayor will get tired of them and step up and say something to it about it,” he said.

Seals explained his medical bills amount to 20 thousand dollars.  The case is in discovery and could take more than two years…if the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t settle.

Donnie Crawford was fired after the incident. Deputy Alexis remains with the Sheriff’s Office.

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