BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)-  Ismael Aguirre was arrested Monday by the Waynesboro Police and is charged with False imprisonment, Kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Investigators say Aguirre took a woman from her home in Charleston, SC. Bringing her to the Liberty Inn motel in Waynesboro, he allegedly held her against her will for more than four months.

The woman tells police she was sexually assaulted and forced to do labor work.

SafeHomes, a Domestic Violence center, says cases like this don’t surprise them. 

They want to help women who have been abused in any way they can.

“If it’s something where maybe it’s a situation where it’s not an intimate partner abuse or domestic violence but there’s definitely violence going on we can certainly connect with the appropriate agency they can better suit those needs,” said Jennifer Frantom, SafeHomes.

The center serves many women across the CSRA and is open 24 hours, with no cost.

“We also have other programs and service to help people who are maybe not necessarily needing shelter but they need counseling or support groups or legal advocacy to obtain protective orders  we can help with safety planning,” said Frantom.

Frantom says sometimes it can be hard for victims to seek help after an abuse due to isolation from the abuser.

“The power and control that the abusive partner is trying to gain and maintain can cause the whole situation to be very isolating,” said Frantom.

Investigators on this case say they’re not able to give us more information at this time because the investigation is still active.