GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – Grovetown Department of Public Safety responded to a home on 5th Avenue in Grovetown for an alleged incident regarding a child.

The child’s mother told police that her 9-year-old daughter was being touched very inappropriately by her Uncle, Jorge Melara, whenever she wasn’t around.

It’s alleged that this behavior happened about 5 times a day.

The mother said that she was only notified of the demeaning acts when her daughter ran into her room crying, stating that Melara touched her chest and rear end.

Jorge Melara has been booked into Columbia County jail booked for Child Molestation.

Grovetown Department of Public Safety Chief, Jamey Kitchens, tells NewsChannel 6 that Melara has been deported at least nine times since October of 1995, with the last being in July of 2020.

Chief Kitchens says they have no indication that Melara’s purpose for returning to the United States was to come to Grovetown to commit crimes against children.

Officials are not aware of any further instances regarding Melara having taken place in Grovetown.