Man charged with DUI, leaving the scene after multiple cars hit during Augusta’s First Friday


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Several people came forward on social media this weekend saying someone driving in downtown Augusta hit their cars and kept going. We now know more details about the situation that created a social media stir, with Richmond County Sheriff’s Office charging three people involved, one with drunk driving.

It’s a first Friday some people say they will never forget. And not because the good times were rolling, but someone else was leaving major damages to several vehicles.

“It’s like something I do almost every other weekend.”

His typical trip to downtown Augusta turned into a disaster. Kaben Holmes told us he was visiting Firehouse bar when he stepped outside to smoke and saw a bad wreck.

Holmes said. “I didn’t think it was my car. I just said ‘oh, that’s a really bad crash.’ And then my girlfriend said that’s your car.”

Holmes joins at least four others traveling or parked on Broad Street, between 11th and 12th, who claim their cars were hit by Anthony Holcomb before he sped away.

“I started freaking out,” Holmes said of the crash. “I was like this is not happening. There’s no way. And I saw the dude like get out of the car and immediately throw his hands up because everyone was yelling at him.”

NewsChannel 6 learned from an incident report that the mayhem started on the 1200 block of Broad where the driver of a white Jeep Patriot improperly turned into the path of another car, trying to park. That driver was later identified as Paola Quesada – Elizondo, of North Augusta, SC. While stopped and trying to sort out that incident, the Jeep’s passenger, Anthony Holcomb, moved into the driver’s seat and drove away. That’s when police said he came in contact with a car making an improper turn on 11th and Broad, also trying to park. Police later identified it was driven by Hugo Ramos. That crash led to Holcomb hitting Kaben Holmes’ green Kia Soul, which went spinning and hit three more cars in the median parking area.

Kaben Holmes shared this picture of his Kia Soul after it was hit and knocked into several other vehicles.

“When I tried to go talk to the cops and the people who hit my car, one of the cops told me I need to walk away before he makes my night worse than it already was,” he said.

This Richmond County Sheriff’s Office rendition of the second crash on Broad Street on June 5 shows Vehicle 1 as Ramos and Vehicle 2 as Holcomb. Holmes’ Kia Soul is Vehicle 3.

Holmes added that he wanted Holcomb arrested that night. Others took to Facebook demanding the same thing. Nearly two days later, investigators announced Holcomb is being charged with a DUI, leaving the scene and driving too fast for conditions.

Quesada –Elizondo and Ramos were both charged with making improper turns. 

We checked in with an Augusta attorney to see what could happen if each victim takes the case to court.

“One jury might think that Vehicle 2 is 100 percent at fault and therefore Vehicle 1 is at 0 percent fault. But another jury might think that Vehicle 2 is only 80 percent at fault and the driver of V1 would therefore be 20 percent at fault,” Local attorney Austin Jackson told us.

Investigators added that due to medical reasons, Holcomb was not checked in to the Charles B. Webster Detention Center. Additionally, they said he is set to appear in court for the charges and at that time he will be fingerprinted and photographed.

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